Causes and Treatments for Chronic Lower Back Pain

Causes and treatments for chronic lower back pain

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Chronic lower back pain is a very common problem not only for aging people but for people who have jobs that require bending for almost the entire period of their everyday work. There are many people who experience back pain but only some are able to go to their doctors when they feel severe pain.

Causes of Chronic Lower Back Pain

When it comes to the causes of your back pain, the possible range is sure to be wide. There are causes wherein you acquire this pain because of the things that you are doing especially with the type of job that you have. Aside from that, you can also experience pain because of the genetically inherited causes. The following are some of the common causes that may lead from mild to severe back pain:

  • Improper posture when doing several things like picking, lifting or just the simple sitting or standing.
  • Heavy use of your back with sport activities or work
  • Previous fractures and injuries
  • Past surgeries

These are the basic causes of back pain that leads to the wear and tear of your spine. Wear and tear on your spine can lead to chronic lower back pain. The pain may last for several months, which means that you should start looking for the right treatments for your condition.

Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment Options

If you know that you are suffering from severe lower back pain, then it is best that you get the help of your doctor. Aside from getting the help of your doctor, you should also take note of some signs such as weakness of your legs, abdominal pains along with chills and fever. If you prefer to try self-remedies, chronic lower back pain treatment options that may be beneficial include:

Physical Therapy

As your doctor examines your problem, you will be advised to undergo physical therapy, wherein the therapist will help in reducing the pain through traction and stretching. Furthermore, the therapist can also share you with some of the exercises that you can do at home to prevent experiencing back pain in the future.

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See Other Back Pain Specialist

Your doctor can also give you some names that specialize with back pain such as giving you acupuncture, spinal manipulation, osteopathic doctor or chiropractor. These specialists are sure to give your back the right treatments to relieve the pain.

Other chronic lower back pain treatments include:

With these facts in mind, you are assured that you can learn much on why you are experiencing the pain and how you can lessen the suffering that you have. You will no longer have to live with the pain since there are many treatments that you can get to lessen the pain and prevent pain from recurring.

Of course, in the event of severe debilitating lower back pain or if you think something is seriously wrong, be sure to see a doctor ASAP.


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