Chiropractic Hand, Wrist, and Elbow Adjustment

Movement restrictions at the base of the thumb are common in skiers, video gamers, and those who spend long hours in front of a computer. If you find yourself in this group of people, or are just experiencing hand pain that you cannot seem to cure, it may be time for a chiropractic hand adjustment.

This short video from Evolve Performance Healthcare specifically focuses on a thumb adjustments that will help with thumb flexibility. Please note that this is not a self-chiropractic technique and you will need a chiropractor to perform this move on your hand.

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If your chiropractor refuses to perform chiropractic hand adjustments or chiropractic elbow adjustments, look for a different chiropractor who will as this type of adjustment may provide great relief to those suffering from stiffness or pain.


While the first video focuses on a chiropractic hand adjustment, this second video shows chiropractic wrist and chiropractic elbow adjustments. As with the hand adjustment, this type of adjustment should be performed by a licensed chiropractor. Please do not attempt this type of self-chiropractic adjustment on yourself.

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